Understanding ACNE

Understanding Acne

3 Triggers of Acne

  1. Thickened sebum production
  2. Retention hypekeratosis (clogging, congestion)
  3. Bacterial proliferation

3 Important Steps to take to Correct Acne

  1. Lifestyle changes and intervention
  2. Commitment to professional skincare for homecare use
  3. Commitment to procedures performed by therapist

Advertisements such as social media, magazines, TV for acne products suggest that sebum is bad. It’s certainly NOT TRUE. We need sebum to protect, nourish and to re-I force barrier function.

These messages installed in teenage minds creates bad practice by over stripping their skin with highly aggressive foam cleansers and astringent agents such as alcohol and methylated spirits, over-applying detoxifying masks, clays etc and falling into this trap that sebum is bad and must be removed.

“THIS IS NOT THE PROBLEM”. It’s the thickness and quality and conversion of the sebum, creates acne phenomenon and separates it from standard sebum production.

TEENAGES = Puberty/hormones

When our pituitary glands messages to our adrenal glands it produces male hormone production called ANDROGEN
During puberty 2 KEY hormones TESTOSTERONE and 5 ANDOSTENE DIOL 317 are released.
These glands dictate the amount of sebum potent and size of our sebaceous glands.

Genetic pre-disposition

Small amount of TESTOSTERONE & 5 ANDOSTENE DIOL 317 (watery texture which evaporates quickly) = dry skin

Large amounts of TESTOSTERONE a& 5 ANDOSTENE DIOL 317 ( olive oil texture) = oily skin. This does not make you acnetic .

It’s when you over develop sebum, thickening of the sebaceous gland and it turns into room temperature butter.

It’s a challenge for this type of sebum to reach the surface of our skin to protect and re- inforce barrier function. This is an imbalance and a key acne trigger, clogging and congestion.

In our skin, we have growth factors, enzymes, proteins etc that help our skin exfoliate naturally. So when we over strip using clay masks, astringents to dry out our pimples we dry out our skin causing DEHYDRATION (water loss) = break down exfoliation enzymes and proteins that naturally exfoliates our skin. NO GOOD. We need hydration (water) to exfoliate. A build-up of makeup, debris, cellular rubbish sticks to the thicker sebum in the follicle. Collection of sebum and cellular rubbish closes up the mouth of the follicle and no oxygen to penetrate eventually create infection, bacteria, causing acne. This contributes into an inflammation lesion, redness, soreness, discomfort, pressure.

Papules turns into nodules

Pustules turn into cysts

If this is you or someone you know and you’ve had enough of using every acne product out there to no avail and are committed to the 3 steps to improve your skin then book in for a skin consultation with Roslyn. We can sit down together and discuss all your thoughts and feelings and what you’d like to achieve.

We all want to feel good about ourselves and good skin health is definitely apart of that.