Understanding Acne

Understanding ACNE

3 Triggers of Acne Thickened sebum production Retention hypekeratosis (clogging, congestion) Bacterial proliferation 3 Important Steps to take to Correct Acne Lifestyle changes and intervention Commitment to professional skincare for homecare use Commitment to procedures performed by therapist Advertisements such as social media, magazines, TV for acne products suggest that sebum is bad. It’s certainly …

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Brighten Up! Best Products & Routine for Hyperpigmentation

A light dusting of freckles might not worry you, but melasma or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is a different story. If you’re finding yourself slathering on cover-up in an effort to disguise stubborn dark patches of skin, AKA hyperpigmentation, this skincare routine is for you. Excess pigmentation is the result of the way your body produces melanin, …

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